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Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Christmas Celebrating

We celebrated Christmas at our house with Barrett's side of the family on the 27th.

Barrett got to have his first experience frying a turkey in our backyard.
It was yummy!
 The cousins had so much fun playing together all day long.
 We had a busy morning cooking in the kitchen.
 Right before present time Jack did a little impromptu concert for us singing "Happy Birthday" over and over again and "Jingle Bells."  He was as serious as could be while singing.  At one point GramPam started singing along with Jack, but Jack said to her "No Singing GramPam."  Yikes! He wanted all the attention.
 So excited to open more presents.  By this point, Jack is on his 4th day straight of opening gifts between Christmas eve, Christmas, birthday, and now more Christmas.
 Playing together
 Pa-Pa & GramPam with their new Baylor shirts

Relaxing and playing after a full day of celebrating!

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