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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Season to Enjoy

December was busy, busy, busy! With all the shopping, baking, wrapping, evenings at church, Christmas crafts, etc. We were busy people! And we so enjoyed it all!
Jack dressed up in his Santa shirt and hat for many of our excursions out.  He sure enjoyed this trip to Costco for a tasty slice of pizza.
 Amelia loved her pizza too!

We baked gingerbread cookies.  I continue to be amazed at how much Jack loves being in the kitchen!  This Christmas has been extra fun since this little man is more at an age where he can do real activities and gets excited about them too!
 Jack's masterpieces
 Lorelei came and played at our house one evening.
 All snuggled up in their pj's.
 We had a wide variety of Christmas pj's to be worn throughout the month.  This brother and sister are always on the go.  Can you tell?  But look how much fun they are having! They really do love each other!
The week before Christmas we were getting into the car to go somewhere and I noticed Amelia was missing one of her shiny black shoes I had just put on her about 3 minutes before.  We looked EVERYWHERE (or so we thought) and couldn't find the shoe!  I had no idea what could have happened to it.  I was not very happy about this because she didn't have any other shoes (of the appropriate color and style) that she could wear with all of her Christmas outfits for the week. Thankfully little cousin Eliana had a spare pair of black shoes she let us borrow.  Anyways...about a week later I was looking through the fridge for something in the side door. And look what magically appeared. The shoe.  I thought I had looked everywhere, but I guess it never crossed my mind that it could have ended up in the refrigerator. Ha!
 Craft time - marshmallow snowman
 Hanging another advent ornament on the front tree
 Painting a Christmas tree with green paint and a toilet paper tube.
 A pinterest project completed - Jack & Amelia's "Mistletoes"

 Our attempts at getting a picture of these 2 dressed up in their Christmas-y church clothes

 Never got the picture I was envisioning...but this is life with a 12 month old and nearly 3 year old. No one was unhappy, they just couldn't stay still for more than .2 seconds.
 We baked a birthday cake for Jesus
 Amelia helped out with this one too.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
We love the season of your birth and all the fun that comes with it.

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