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Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2013
 All dressed for the Christmas Eve Service
Jack (nearly 3 years old)
Amelia (Just turned 1 year old)
The hubs and I
 Jack sat down the row with Mom-mom and Pepa
 This was Jack's first year to get to go down to the front of the church for the mini children's sermon.  Lorelei & Jack sat together on the front steps :-)
Singing "Silent Night" at the candlelight service
Next... Christmas Eve at Tara & Jacob's house. These kiddos look excited for a fun evening ahead!
 Amelia enjoyed un-decorating their tree too!
 Flying with Pepa
 Jack is looking older and older every day. Ha!
 Mimie and Papa trying to stay warm
Aaron, Alex & Hannah waiting for Santa's arrival.
 Santa's here!!!!
 Amelia's not sure what to think.
 Jack is wondering if he is gonna get a gift....
 ...and gets a smile on his face when Santa calls out his name.
The kids got play-doh from Santa.  What a perfect gift for these 2.  They played with it for a LONG time!
I love this man of mine 
 Pepa & Mom-mom
Once back home we put the kids in their matching pajamas,
 and took them upstairs to bed. 
 Mommy and Daddy packed the car full with gifts to take to Mom-mom and Pepa's house in the morning.
Our living room Christmas Eve

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