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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long Beach Island 2012

At the airport
Jack is excited to go on his first airplane ride!

Checking out the toys at the gift shop while waiting for our plane to board

Looking at the airplane out the window
All set to go!

During take off, Jack fell asleep within minutes and slept about 45 minutes.  This gave me some quiet time to check out the Sky Mall magazine.

Wide awake and ready to play!  As long as we kept pulling out new toys and snacks from his backpack, he was a happy boy.  After getting off the plane several people even commented to us on how well he did for the plane ride. I was a proud mama!

Jacks favorite part of the plane ride...looking out the window over New York City as we were landing!

A trip to the local Wawa - soft pretzels, coffee, tasty kakes, hoagies

Our first evening out on the beach

Jack LOVED the water!

Stormy sky.  During the week we were there it rained on and off over 2 days.  Not too bad.

Little sandy feet

We took an early morning stroll down Long Beach Blvd.  Jack sat in his cousin Griffins double stroller for the ride.  We had to bundle up the boys to keep them warm. It was a cool morning.

Our first day at the beach was our 6 year wedding anniversary so while we were there Tara and Jacob offered to watch Jack for an evening so Barrett and I could go out for dinner.  We went to this cute restaurant and got some yummy seafood. What a treat that was!

Happy 6 year Anniversary!

The boys went crab fishing at the bay and actually caught a handful of crab.

The fishermen....checking out their crab

We drove about an hour south and spent one afternoon at the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk.

Jack got this pin wheel on the boardwalk.  He thought it was pretty cool!

My yummy GIANT slice of cheese pizza!

Funnel cake - I felt like I was at the state fair with all this yummy food.

Back at the shore and at the end of our street was a cute little bakery.  We walked down there a couple mornings for donuts.  We even tried out the "best jelly donuts on the planet."  They were yummy!  Alex was able to come and join us for a couple days (there he is next to Oscar the grouch.)

Jacks favorite thing to do on the beach was run towards the crashing waves.  We were right there just inches away from him at all times to catch him as he ran towards the water because he would not stop on his own.  He had no fear of the water! 

Playing in the sand.  He had his pacifier in his mouth most of the time while we were at the sand because otherwise he was eating the sand. Yuk!

The big boy cousins dug this big whole in the sand which actually turned into a great "play pen" for Jack.  He didn't stay in there long but it was at least a short break for mom to chill out and not be chasing him as he ran to the water.


No campfire but they still tasted fabulous!

Yahtzee Game night at the triangle kitchen table!  I love that table!

We went to Beach Haven (a shopping area) one afternoon, did some shopping and got some delicious clam chowder soup.

The little guys, Jack and Griffin, playing together early one morning.  I think they both planned to wake up early each morning so they could play together.

Back to the crashing waves with Daddy.

Our family!
It was super sunny and Jack decided this week to break my sun glasses :-(

Barrett spent a lot of time boogie boarding on the big waves all week long.

More running towards the water!

Jack and daddy digging a hole together in the sand.

And now play time in that big hole!

This was a happy boy!

Our last night the Dads cooked out burgers on the grill.  Our last dinner at the triangle table:-(

Tara and I took a late night trip for some Rita's Italian Ice - Blue Raspberry flavor.  Us pregnant girls sure loved all the yummy food on this vacation!

Jack slept all week in his tent and did a fabulous job going to sleep each night. Yay!

About to head home but had to get one last family picture on the beach.

Daddy, Mommy, Jack (17 months old), and a little baby girl in Mommy's tummy (16 weeks.)

16 weeks
We had a great week at the beach staying in this condo! (we stayed in the bottom left condo) It is hard to believe that I started coming to this same beach house when I was just 4 or 5 years old and here I am close to 30 years old and have now taken my own baby for a week at the very same place. Now that is an amazing thing!

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