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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby #2 - 17 Weeks

(There is my cute little 17 month old friend joining me for my picture)
Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 17 weeks
How big is baby: Depending on the source she weighs 5-7 ounces and  is 5-6" long and the size of a mango.
Gender: Right now they are saying girl! We are 80-90% sure about that.  I go back in for another sonogram in about 2 weeks and then hopefully we will be 100% sure!
Movement:  I have been wondering for a while if what I have been feeling was movement.  I think I felt some movement for real just last night!  What a wonderful feeling!
Sleep: Sleeping well so far.  Trying to sleep on my side the best I can since they say don't lay flat on your back.  The long body pillow seems to help out with that.
Maternity Clothes: Around 13 weeks I started wearing some maternity shorts. I'm still kind of in that awkward point where regular clothes are too tight and maternity clothes are a bit too big.  The most comfortable thing to wear currently is dresses.
Symptoms:Early on I was nauseous (1st trimester) but right at about 13 weeks I got over that and I have been feeling good! Feeling nauseous this time around was a big change from when I was pregnant with Jack.  With him I only felt that way if I was really hungry.  That wasn't the case this time though.
Cravings: Changes from day to day.  Early on some days I wanted soup, goldfish, and more starch type foods.  Recently I haven't had any real cravings.
Aversions: Also early on I didn't have much of an interest in fruits and veggies and if you can believe this I wasn't really wanting sweets.Weird! But I'm over that now.
Emotions: Excited! This pregnancy really has flown by so far.  I guess that is what happens when you are busy with a toddler all day.

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