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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Outings

We spent the morning out and about yesterday. I took Jack to a playground in Frisco.  He had a great time exploring!
Taking a little ride in the big fancy swing!

Riding the horse!

Next we took a trip to the library for story time.  This was the first time we went to toddler story time instead of the one for babies.  He LOVED it.  Before going into the story room he was kind of fussy so I wasn't sure how it would go.  But once we were in there he was captivated!  Mother Goose was there singing songs, telling stories, using puppets, doing finger plays.  Jack was quiet and watching for the entire 45 minutes! It was amazing!  Here he is sitting in my lap all reclined with his hands behind his neck all comfy and listening to Mother Goose. So cute!  After story time we did a little shopping, had lunch and then Jack ended up taking an almost 4 hour nap! He must have been exhausted from all that fun! 

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