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Monday, June 11, 2012

Gender Reveal

At 13 weeks we had our appointment with the sonogram doctor to do a detailed sonogram of the baby to make sure he/she was growing well and that everything looked normal.  We are thankful to report that everything does look fabulous for this baby and it is just as cute as can be!  A bonus was that we were also able to find out the gender of our little one.  The catch is that they could only guarantee that they were 80-90% right on what it was.  The doctor told us what he thought it was but made it sound like he really was sure that he was right, I mean he does this all day long, looking at sonograms (he just still has to give us the 80-90% statistic.)  I had recently heard about these gender reveal parties.  I had always thought they sounded like a fun thing but wasn't sure I wanted to do it since we wouldn't be 100% sure that they were right.  But after hearing what the sono doctor though and how sure he made himself sound, that afternoon I decided to go for it and plan a quick gender reveal party and have some family and a few friends over for the reveal.

On the front table we had blue and pink papers for you to vote boy or girl and blue and pink ribbons to pin on your shirt showing your vote.  Inside the big box were helium balloons - blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

There was a pink side and a blue side to the food table.

Pink and blue cupcakes

These people voted that we were having a girl!

These people voted we were having a boy!

At the count of 3 we opened the box....

It's a GIRL!!!!!

We are having a little girl!!!  Jack is going to have a little sister!

Here she is!!!  If you zoom in you may be able to see a little smile on her face. 

It has now been about 3 weeks since finding out that we are having a girl.  I still can't seem to believe that it really is a girl.  For whatever reason I just assumed it would be a boy, so when we were told girl I was completely surprised but super excited!  I think once I have my next sonogram in just a few more weeks and I am told for a 2nd time that it is a girl, then I will really be able to begin to believe that it is true and I'm sure start going crazy with all the girly stuff to buy and make. So there you have it!  We are having a GIRL!!!

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