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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rolling Over Already????

That is right! Jack is only 3 weeks old and guess what he decided to do this week? While laying on his tummy for tummy time he rolled over on to his back! When it happened I though, hold on, let me try this again. Maybe he was kind of over on his side and just kind of rolled over. So again I put him down on his tummy. Yes, HE REALLY DID ROLL OVER!!!! He would fuss and squirm around while on his tummy then once he made it to his back he was happy as could be! Of course he did this while Daddy was out of town in New York (that is why Jack is in his NY shirt - in honor of Dad being in NY) so quickly I turned on the video camera to see if he would do it again. My little buddy cooperated too - I got a video of him rolling from his tummy to back. There is proof! He did this for the first time on Tuesday and he has done it several times each day since then. Has anyone ever heard of a 3 week old rolling over before?

Happy on his back after rolling over

We emailed this picture to Daddy while he was away in New York this week. What a cutie!

1 comment:

  1. You are the best wife and mama to think of taking that picture for Barrett while he was away! Barrett and Jack are lucky to have you!