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Thursday, January 27, 2011

1 Month Old

Our handsome baby boy is 1 month old. It is hard to believe he is already 1 month old, although the day he was born also seems like so long ago. We can't imagine life without our little guy Jack!
Baby Stats:
Sleep: Jack still likes to sleep like a newborn! He still sleeps a lot during the day. During the night he normally goes for 3-4 hour stretches between feedings, although he has gone one 5 hour and one 6 hour stretch in the past week. I'm hoping he will fit in a few more of those long sleep patterns sometime soon! When he gets up during the night I can feed and change him and have him back to sleep in about 30 minutes.
Daily Routine: Um...we don't really have much of a routine yet. Mainly he eats approximately every 3 hours give or take 30 minutes or so. We change his diaper (normally multiple times) around feeding times. Jack is having longer stretches of time each day that he is awake (1-3 hours at a time.) He is a very content little guy when he is awake. He loves just looking around with those big eyes of his. His favorite things to look at are the ceiling fans, lights, and daddy! Mommy has fun holding her baby boy a lot of the time too!
Feeding: Jack is our little "milk man" as I like to call him. He nurses every 3 or so hours. He has struggled some with latching on, but with the help of a shield he has become a very good eater. I love seeing milk dribbling down his little chin after he is finished eating.
Weight: Approximately 8lbs 14oz. He was last weighed with his clothes and a full diaper on so this is a close guess.
Length:20 inches
Diaper size: Newborn
Clothes size: Newborn size fits the best. He can also fit into 0-3 months they are just a little big still.
Hair color: Light brown
Eye Color: They are still a dark blue but are getting lighter with each day.
Funniest moment this week: I'll have to say the middle of the night diaper change. I was changing his diaper on our bed in the middle of the night on a changing pad. I took off his diaper and right away...he poops...all over the changing pad. Quickly I woke Daddy up to quick get another changing pad. The second the new changing pad was in place....the "fountain" started running! It never fails! I never know now when to change his diaper! Is he really done going yet I always wonder????
Milestone: Rolling over from front to back at 3 weeks old. He is still rolling over everyday!
Your favorite toy: Jack doesn't have a favorite toy yet. I guess I will have to say the ceiling fan. That is what is giving him the most entertainment these days. The fan isn't even on. He just likes looking at it.

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