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Sunday, January 9, 2011

2 Weeks Old

Our little guy is 2 weeks old today! How can it be possible? Jack got an extra special treat for his 2 week birthday....SNOW! Jack has had another great week! We are really enjoying our time with our little man. He is so peaceful and calm most of the time. He still sleeps for most of the day. I love just holding him and snuggling him during these times. He also has his awake times when he is just content either being held or lying down looking around with those big eyes of his. Right now he is eating about every 3 hours. He did struggle this week with nursing, but we took a trip to the pediatrician to get help and now all is going great with his eating! We are so thankful for that!
All snuggled after bath time.

Jack no longer likes to have his arms swaddled in his blanket. He prefers to have his hands free and often times stretched out over his head when he sleeps.
Wide eyed, wrinkled forehead, and cuddled up with mommy.
Mom-mom and Pepa checking out their new grandson. It is so nice having them just a block away to come and visit and help out whenever needed.
I love this little man!
Sorry, this picture didn't rotate right. But here is Jack taking his first nap in his crib upstairs.

I have been dreaming of taking my very own baby for a walk in his new stroller around the neighborhood and finally had my dream come true. Jack loved the walk - slept through the whole thing.
Daddy and Jack watching their first football game together.
My 2 favorite boys!!!!!
GramPam and Pa-pa stayed with us this week. What a blessing they were! They cooked all our meals, let me take naps, babysat while Barrett and I took a quick trip out, and spent lots of time
holding their new grandson.
Our Family
Jack's first time in his bouncy seat. He is making a silly face in this picture but he really did enjoy it.
My old lunch buddy from school and her baby Luca (10 months) came and visited us. The two of us talked over many lunch's over the years dreaming about when we would have our own little babies. Here we are with our dreams come true - our little babies.

SNOW DAY! Today Jack is 2 weeks old and today is Jack's first snow day! We bundled him up in his "Let it Snow" outfit, several blankets, and his hat and took him out to see the snow for just a couple minutes. He wasn't quite sure what to think of cold snow falling on his face.
Checking out the snow.
Jack's "Let it SNOW!" outfit. How appropriate for a day like today!

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  1. haha loved the snow pics!!!

    lily never liked having her arms swaddled either...go figure! you think the cocoon would feel better! goes to show you how much we know :o)

    love the updates...he's changing so quickly!