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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jack's First Week

Our baby boy is already 1 week old! Jack is such a good baby! He is a good sleeper, eater, and has the cutest facial expressions! We love him so much and are so thankful for such a sweet little boy! One week old
Java meeting Jack for the first time.

Playing with daddy.
Such a small little baby snuggling with his daddy.
Jack sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed. He wakes up to eat about every 3 hours then goes straight back to sleep once his tummy is full. He sleeps so soundly - doesn't hardly move while he sleeps and is a quiet sleeper.
Mommy's handsome little man.
Yard sign introducing baby Jack.
Cutie Pie
Jack's 1st sponge bath. He really liked his bath - not much fussing at all.

All clean and cozy now!
Jack at his 1st doctors appointment with his pediatrician. He got an A+ and is doing great!
Snuggling with Mommy.
Jack all ready to celebrate New Years Eve.
Happy New Year - 2011
Baby's First New Year 2011
Our Little Cutie

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