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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

4 Weeks Old

Jack is 4 weeks old! He is still a very happy and content little guy. Everyday is just so much fun with Jack. 4 weeks old
All dressed for church.

Relaxing with Dad
"Mommy and Daddy Love Me"
Jack with his choir music. He has been coming with us the last couple weeks to choir practice. We sit in the back and he just sleeps through the whole thing. He must remember being in my tummy and hearing all the music before he was born.
Jacks friend Zach came over to "play" this week. Fun! Fun! Fun! These two boys are going to grow up to be great friends!
Ha! I love these pants he is wearing!
Jacks first day to wear shoes!
Playing on Daddy's pillow before going to bed.

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