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Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Weeks Old

Our sweet little buddy is now 3 weeks old. My how our lives have changed in just 3 weeks. We are having more fun than we should be allowed to have with one adorable baby boy named Jack! 3 Weeks Old
This week we pulled a new trick out to use - the swing. Until this point he has always been perfectly content just lying down. Now, he likes movement! So off to the swing he went. I think this will be a well used piece of baby equipment for us!
I also had fun trying out the Moby Wrap carrier. This will be getting a lot of use too!
Boy time - Hangin' out with Dad playing the PS3.
Jack had his first trip to "Mom's On Main" in Aubrey for a delicious breakfast (for Mom and Dad that is.)
Look at his hair sticking up all over the place. His first case of "hat hair" since I had just taken off his hat. Funny thing, Jack is beginning to have an opinion on whether he wants to wear his hat or not. Sometimes I put it on him and he starts fussing. I take it off and he stops. I was surely hoping that this boy would like to wear hats and would just be used to it since he always had one on. It's not looking like it. He knows what he wants!
A new outfit - "Mommy says I'm the BEST BABY EVER." It's true!
All dressed for church!
Jack took his first trip to church at 3 weeks old. While Daddy sang in the choir, Jack and I sat in the service for the music then slipped out during the sermon for Jack to eat. Next we took him to our bible study class where he slept quietly the whole time! What a nice little boy he was for Mommy and Daddy.
More Smiles!!!!

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  1. I love the moby wrap picture (I love all the pictures)! That "... best baby ever" outfit is awesome! He is such a cutie little man!!!