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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pre K - K Choir Concert

This afternoon in the chapel at Prestonwood was the Pre-K and Kindergarten Spring Choir Concert. We had 2 of our nieces and 1 nephew performing in the concert. It really is a neat thing that even at such young ages all of these kids are learning how to sing praises to Jesus. For months these kiddos have been practicing and practicing their songs and hand motions - not just at children's choir practice each Wednesday night, but everyday while at home and in the car. The last song they sang was John 3:16. What an awesome promise for all three of these precious little ones to have hidden in their hearts for years to come.
Chandler (in kindergarten) and Camryn (starting Kindergarten in the fall) enjoying their cookies after the performance.
Mackenzie (starting Kindergarten in the fall) also enjoying a cookie.

They all did a fantastic job singing their songs to the Lord and doing all of the hand motions to go along.

What a choir!!!

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