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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

Today, the day before Easter, we colored our Easter Eggs.
We used vinager in the water to make the colors more vibrant. It worked well and the eggs became very bright in color, it just didn't smell very good in the process.

I had a couple of bad experiences this past week in my classroom when we were dying Easter eggs (egg dye spilling all over clothes, shoes, desks, carpet, tile, counter top...I guess I have become a little too confident with what my little 1st graders are capable of handling), so we were very cautious - covering our table at home with newspaper. Sure enough Barrett still got a few speckles of green color on his shirt...not too bad though.
The kit Barrett bought for our eggs had colored sand with it, so we were able to get extra creative in decorating our Easter eggs. This was a fun and relaxing project for the two of us! Barrett better get started eating these hard boiled eggs. I don't like to eat them, I just like to color them!

The 2 proud Easter Egg Decorators!!!

Happy Easter!!!

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