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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dog Park

On Saturday we (Barrett, Tanya, AND Java) went on an outing. Our Sunday school class was having a get together at a dog park in Plano, so everyone brought their dogs, along with some food, and we had a picnic and played with all the dogs. We used it as an outreach in a out hot dogs and bottled water to other people (and dogs) at the park :-)
This was Java's first dog park experience. She really enjoyed being off her leash and getting to run around and play with other dogs.

We gave her a hot dog after she had finished playing. She was so worn out that she really didn't care anything about the hot dog.

Our ride home - Java basically sitting in our laps. She didn't want to be alone in the backseat of the Jeep. Most of the ride she was trying to bury her face by our legs. She didn't like having all that wind blowing in her face. What an odd dog...doesn't care for hot dogs or to have her face blowing in the wind. :-)

Side note - this is what we found Saturday morning when we woke up. After lots of squeaking, cuddling, and playing, Java's beloved "Tiger" stuffed animal is no longer with us. This was a first for us. It is hard to believe but Java really has never torn anything up before. I'm just thankful it was her own toy that she got a hold of.

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