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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter this year. We got to church at 7:30am and sang in the choir for all 3 services. Afterwards we met for lunch with a lot of the family at the good old Golden Corral (wow... that brought back some old memories of my childhood). Easter afternoon we went to Tara & Jacob's house to join in the gathering with all the nephews and nieces for an indoor egg hunt - since it had been a little rainy outside.
Chandler & Camryn all ready for the egg hunt!

Here is the line (like always, shortest to tallest) waiting to get the go ahead to run up the stairs for the Easter egg hunt. Oh, the anticipation!Korbin and Dylan just knew there must be some eggs hidden in the bottom of this pile of stuffed animals in the play room. What a challenge!

Madison loved all of her eggs (and everyone elses).

Worn out from all the action, Oliver chilled out in his room to play for a while.

We thought this was so funny. Calahan, lassoing his scooter. He must of "caught" his scooter about 100 times. What talent!

Mom-Mom and Pepa chilling out in the rocking chairs on Easter afternoon.

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