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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Medieval Times

We were treated by Carter Bloodcare to a fun evening at Medieval Times on Tuesday Night. Every year to show appreciation for all the donors that have given over 10 gallons, they have a banquet in their honor. For years Barrett has been donating platelets for Carter Bloodcare and as of right now he has given over 25 gallons of blood. Years ago Barrett made it a routine to go every other Saturday morning for about 1 1/2 hours each time to donate his platelets. Eventually, after lots of convincing, he got me into the routine with him. We went very consistently together for quite some time. After moving, we got out of the routine of going. Hopefully sometime soon we will get out and do it again. It is very neat though to be in a place with so many people that have given so much for other people. Congratulations, Barrett on 25 gallons! You are a life saver!!! We cheered for the Red and Yellow Team all evening.

If you haven't ever been to Medieval Times it is an interesting experience. There are no utensils to eat with...unless of course you consider your hands a utensil. They served us a delicious meal of soup, bread, falcon (chicken), dragon toe (ribs), and dragon egg (potato). It was tasty, but got a bit messy using our wonderful fingers. It was fun though.

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