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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Fun Weekend

On Thursday, Barrett's Mom and Dad came up from Houston to spend the week here with the family and to celebrate their grandson Preston's 3rd birthday. We absolutely love having them here!!! The week is going by fast but we are enjoying every moment.
Here is Pa-Pa playing tug of war with his grand dog Java. They have had a couple of good play times together.
Preston had his birthday party at a park on Saturday. The guys worked hard to get the grill started up in such windy weather. Here is a proud Mom with the cooks - her two little boys. The burgers and hot dogs turned out great and were delicious!

Aunt Tanya with the birthday boy!!! Happy 3rd birthday, Preston!!!

Mackenzie is a wonderful 5 year old big sister to Preston. She is a joy to everyone around her. We love her long brown curly hair, kind heart, and sweet personality.
Melissa (our sister-in-law) has had the tradition of making birthday cakes for the kids each year. She really has an amazing talent for this. This years cake was a monster truck. It was incredible and really an amazing work of art! Preston is all boy and has a great love for cars, trucks, really any form of transportation - so you can imagine how much he loved this cake.

We spent the afternoon at Brantley and Melissa's house. Mackenzie loves to do arts and crafts. We had so much fun painting together. She is going to make a fantastic kindergarten student this next fall.

Preston with some of his new hot wheels playing out in the dirt in the backyard. So cute!

Barrett and I both sang in the choir for the Palm Sunday church service. There was one special song where Jesus came riding in on a donkey. After church we all went outside to meet and pet the donkey.
Sunday afternoon the group came over to our house for some food and play time. Java enjoyed having company. Barrett and the kids enjoyed riding Java.

Melissa & Brantley on the porch. Mackenzie was on the swing and saw her parents standing right here. Mackenzie said, "I have got to take a picture of that!" Mackenzie, you are a great photographer.

GramPam with her two grand babies.

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