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Monday, December 9, 2013

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We bundled up the Saturday after Thanksgiving and went to the Christmas tree farm (otherwise known as Lowes) to pick out the perfect Christmas tree for our livingroom.
Our 2 kiddos helping to pick out the tree.
(Just looking at this picture now and wondering, "Where did these 2 big kids come from?"  I thought I had 2 little babies.  Time, please stop moving!)
 Jack mainly had fun running throughout all the trees while Barrett and I picked out the tree.
 Amelia, just doing her job of looking super cute :-)
 This is the one!
 Watching daddy tie the tree to the top of the car...
 We made it home and the tree was still there! Another successful trip home with our Christmas tree!
 Time to decorate
The tree ended up being a lot smaller that we thought it was going to be.  But hey, it's still beautiful!
 Jack loved hanging the ornaments...
....and Amelia enjoyed pull off the ornaments!
(Although I should add that overall she has done much better than I ever expected) 

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