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Monday, December 2, 2013

A Peak into our Life

Here is some of what life is like in our house these days (mostly pics of Jack this time)...
 We have been enjoying a couple Saturday mornings at Home Depot for the kid building projects. Jack and Daddy make a great building team. Love the little orange apron too!
 They are building a boat.
 Jack got to go out for breakfast at Cotton Gin with Hannah, Pepa & Mom-mom.  Looks to me like he enjoyed being with some of his favorite people (and eating that giant cinnamon bun!)
 Odd picture, I know.  But I love it that whenever Jack gets out of the shower he insists on using the squeegee thing to clean off the glass walls.  You can tell how tall he is since only about 1/3-1/2 of the walls are wiped down. :-)
 Trying on Daddy's cowboy boots
 That is some crazy bed head hair!!!
 Love seeing this smiling face every morning.
 Jack was eating some leftover Halloween candy and Barrett told him to make sure he chewed it really good.  Jack put the candy in his mouth then went, "aahh-chooo" like he was sneezing.  Apparently he thought that was what he thought chewing meant. So precious!
 Jack's favorite fall treat....pumpkin delights
 Jack got an early start to wearing the new Christmas pajamas I made him.  Amelia has a matching nightgown, too.
 For the Thanksgiving season we made a thankful tree to add leaves to each day writing on them what we were thankful for.  The kids and  I went on a walk one afternoon and gathered sticks to use for our tree.  One word of advice for anyone that may want to make a thankful tree with twigs you gather on your own...make sure none of your twigs are infested with ants.  We may or may not have discovered a trail of ants on our kitchen table the next day.  Oops!
 Jack has been an awesome helper with teaching Amelia how to walk.  She holds on to his back while he walks forward.  They both love this!
 We went on a date night.  We went to Pei Wei for dinner then to Main Event for the ropes course I had been wanting to try out.  Lets just say I am happy we tried it out but don't feel like I ever need to do the ropes course again.  I didn't think I had a fear of heights, but apparently I do! 
 We took another trip to Home Depot for Zach's birthday party.  Here is Jack with our new neighbor friend Lorelei.
 Amelia took a tour of the store with Mom-mom.
 Jack went skating on paper plates around the party room.
 Jack and the birthday boy, Zach!
 We love going on walks, especially when it is a cool fall day and there are leaves to play in.
 My sweet happy girl.
 I took this picture of Amelia just a few days before her first birthday.  Right after I took it I was reminded of this other picture that was taken of Amelia on the day she was born.  
 I am amazed by the similarities - she has that same sweet smile!
 Lunch date with Griffin at Madeleine
 Bundled up for a car ride on a cool day.  And he has to be holding that little red jeep for each car ride these days...
 Amelia loves climbing on and off of this picnic table.  She feels like such a big girl.
 Taking a walk on a COLD day and keeping his hands in his pockets the whole time to keep them warm.
Taking a break to eat some samples at Sams.
I found Jack pushing the stroller around in our house with his "doll" sitting in it (a mini action figure) :-)
Love these crazy days!

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