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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jack's 2nd Birthday!!!

 It is so hard to believe that our baby boy is now a 2 year old!  He is the post precious and happy little boy I have ever seen and we love him sooooo much!!!!
 Good morning 2 year old!
 Happy Birthday!
 My attempts at getting his picture taken with his "2 years old" sign

 On the morning of Jack's birthday, we had a small family party to celebrate. It was a "Pancakes and Pajama" Party.  It ended up being a snowy and icy morning, so it was the perfect morning for pancakes and to stay cozy in our pj's.
 The pile of pancakes
 The birthday boy and his pancakes.
 Stef & Zach
Madi & Cami
 Enjoying those pancakes!
 Uncle Alex, Mom-mom, & Uncle Aaron
Preston & Mackenzie
He looks happy to see that birthday cake!

 Now whenever we sing "Happy Birthday" and get to the very end of the song, whether there is a candle to blow out or not, Jack will start blowing as if there is a candle to blow out!  So sweet.
 Cookie Cake
 Brother and Sister in their pj's.
 We may be the only 2 grown-ups that were dressed in our pj's but we sure were comfy on this cold snowy morning!
 Opening gifts

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jack!!!

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