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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Amelia's Birth Story

Each time I think about how the labor and delivery went with the birth of Amelia, I am still amazed at how it all happened.  Never would I have guessed that she would have been born 5 days past her due date and never would I have guessed she would have arrived as fast as she did.  I love this story!

On Sunday night, November 25th I was up until about 11:30pm updating my blog with new Thanksgiving pictures from the weekend. I went to sleep feeling just fine!

Monday, November 26, 2012 - 5 days past due
1:13am - I woke up with my first contraction of this whole pregnancy.  I stayed in bed just to see if another one would come. About 10 minutes later I had another.  I figured I would get up, move around and see what happened. About 8 minutes later, another.  The contractions continued to get stronger and closer together and before too long they got down to about 2 minutes apart.  

2:13am - It had been an hour and the contractions were by now about 2 minutes apart and quite strong.  I figured I better wake up Barrett and let him know what was going on.  Before waking him up I didn't feel like there was much of a rush to wake him up. I was just thinking how how my labor had gone with Jack (contractions every 3-5 minutes apart for 34 hours!) so really, what was the rush to wake him up? Right away when I woke him up, immediately he said, "lets call the doctor!" So we got on the phone right away and spoke with the doctors answering service who informed us to go ahead to the hospital since I was having consistent contractions and since I was already past due.  I told them to expect us there about 3am.  Right away Barrett called my mom to come over and stay with Jack and he began packing those last minute things to take to the hospital.  By this point the contractions were getting very strong and I'd say they were closer to 1-2 minutes apart.  I was not much help packing up the car.  Barrett grabbed every bag he saw (including Jacks diaper bag that was suppose to be staying at home with Jack) and threw them into the car.

2:40am (approximately) - Mom had arrived to our house within minutes of us calling her.  We got in the car and headed off to Baylor Frisco Hospital.  You know those movie scenes where the Mom is in labor in the car and the Dad is driving like crazy, speeding (going 70 in a 45), running red lights, doing everything he can do to make sure he was not going to need to deliver this baby in the car on the side of the road?  That was basically us! Thank goodness it was the middle of the night and no one else was out on the road! I was extremely uncomfortable by now and most certainly had that urge to want to push during this car ride which I knew couldn't be good with my experience of giving birth the last time. That only happens when the baby is about to pop out! I kept that part to myself though...I didn't want Barrett to be anymore nervous than he already was.

3:05am - We FINALLY arrived at the hospital!!!! I had never been so happy to be in that parking lot before!!! Barrett pulled up to the front door to let me out.  After waiting for a crazy strong contraction to pass, I was finally out of the car and on my way inside the door.   I quickly found a folded up wheelchair to sit in but struggled with figuring out how to open it.  Thankfully within seconds Barrett was inside from parking the car and there to help me out and wheel me to L&D. I remember struggling to get the foot rests down on the wheel chair but not wanting to take one second to figure out how to get the foot rests down.  So I was wheeled down the hall holding my feet up trying to keep them from dragging on the floor.  Funny the things that stick out in your mind!  The security guard at L&D called took my name and called back to tell the nurses we were there.  He then informed us we would have to wait out in the waiting room until they were ready for us! I figured we would just be having this baby out there in the middle of the waiting room then. Thankfully within seconds the nurse was on her way out and we met her down the hall. Once in the delivery room and changed into the hospital gown, the nurse checked me to see how far dilated I was. Her report...I was 9.5 cm! Along with the added bonus news that since I was so far dilated there was no time for an epidural!  I was worried this may be the case and sure enough it was!  I remember thinking how am I going to be able to do this with no epidural or pain meds?  It could be hours of feeling this way!  Are you sure I can't have one? The answer was for sure no, there was no time.  The nurse was fantastic though! She kept reminding me to breath, that I was the only one who was able to breath for my baby.  That really was a good reminder at the moment.  Immediately they called the doctor and let him know it was time to come deliver this baby.  Barrett was right by my side this whole time, helping me along.  Each time there was a contraction (pretty much non-stop) he was massaging my lower back helping to ease the pain. During this time I had an unbelievable urge to push this baby out but the nurse was sure to tell me not to push and wait for the doctor to arrive! Really this time is kind of a blur in my mind.  I most certainly remember it, but I don't remember all that was going on around me.   For example, at one point after delivery I noticed that I wasn't wearing my rings and watch anymore.  Barrett said he had taken them off of me while I was in labor.  I have no recollection at all of that happening which is surprising to me considering that my fingers were swollen and the task of getting them off was normally a big ordeal.

3:30am - The doctor arrives at the hospital!!! In reality he got there really fast from the time he was told it was time for me to deliver (which was the second I got to the hospital) but it seemed like forever, so I was so relieved to have him there!

3:35am- Amelia Joy is born!  I pushed one time and she was out! Only 2 hours and 22 minutes of labor.  Amazement!  Our baby girl was here!!!  They placed her on my chest the minute she was born.  She was beautiful - a perfect round head with brown hair, cute chubby cheeks, big blue eyes.  We were in love! She weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 21 inches long. With as fast as my labor went, going without an epidural wasn't at all as bad as I pictured it would be.  The second she was born the pain stopped and I had my baby in my arms.  

New life really is a miracle!  I continue to be 
so thankful for a quick and safe delivery and for the blessing of our sweet little Amelia!

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