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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Season

We had a fun Christmas season with our 2 kids this year!
 We went to see the dancing light show in Frisco Town Square.  We parked, turned on the radio to the set Christmas station, and watched the dancing lights. Jack sat in my lap and loved the show!
A new cousin, Eliana Alison, was born when Amelia was 2 weeks & 3 days old.  They are going to have fun growing up together!
 Mom-mom with her 2 new granddaughters!
 Amelia's 1st time in the carrier. She loves it!
 Here is Jack at the donut store trying to pick out his donut.
 This is what he got....a reindeer!
 He likes it!
 Playtime for the brother and sister
 Jack playing with his felt Christmas tree on the fridge.

 Our family Christmas card pic
 About 4 weeks old and dressed in the Christmas dress I made her.
 For whatever reason these days, whenever we open the fridge Jack feels the need to take a little break and sit down on the perfectly sized little shelf that he thinks is a seat for him.
 Making a birthday cake for Jesus
 Jack is really starting to love to bake!
 Adding the sprinkles
 Me and my baking buddy
 Since Jack would most likely tear into all the gifts under the Christmas tree, we turned Amelia's room into the present wrapping and storage area. Quite a sight!
 Taking a rest under the tree
Reading "The Night Before Christmas"

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