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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trail Dust Cowboy

Last night we took a surprise trip to the old Trail Dust Steakhouse to visit with Mom-mom, Pepa, Aunt Hannah & Uncle Alex.  Jack is in love with that place!
 Standing out on the dance floor
 Waiting out on the patio
 He actually wore his cowboy hat for a good length of time! Such a cute cowboy!
 These days he loves playing "games" on my phone while waiting around at restaurants.
Trail Dust has a giant slide that basically goes from the 2nd floor down to the first floor.   Hannah was so sweet to take Jack up and down the big slide about 10 times.  He was in love!!!
That is one happy cowboy!
I'm thinking we may need to bring Jack back here for his birthday since he had so much fun!

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