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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Once again this year we kept with the tradition and had chili cheese hot dogs for dinner on Halloween.
 Jack sure enjoyed his hotdog!
Next, Jack got all dressed up in his lion costume.  If you ask him what a lion says, he will roar for you...but in a whisper. Such a sweet and gentle lion!
 We went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.  When given the opportunity to pick out what candy he wanted, he most often would choose a lollipop or smarties.  In this picture it looks like he actually was happy and walked from door to door.  That wasn't really the case though.  He was pretty grumpy for most of the evening and wanted to be carried around.  Maybe next year he will be more into it.
 It was pretty funny.  He wanted to hold each piece of candy in his hand that he got instead of putting it in his bucket.  It took a few houses for him to realize that it just wasn't possible to hold all that candy.  Such a hard concept for such a little guy that just loves candy so much.
 This year I dressed up as a lady with a baby in her tummy.  Okay, I guess I am a lady with a baby in my tummy, but here you can see the little one with my skeleton shirt.
37 Weeks Pregnant
 As we were walking door to door we eventually came to the park with the swings.  Jack decided this was a better idea then getting candy.  He just wanted to take a candy break and go for a ride in the swing.
 Our Family - Halloween 2012
Notice we no longer have our little lion, but a skeleton. It was a warm night and it just got too hot in that costume.  Good thing we had a back-up!
 Jack's bucket of candy (that mommy and daddy have really been enjoying!)
Jack and Daddy checking out all the yummy treats!

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