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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Baking gingerbread with Mommy.
Jack is 22 months old.
 Barrett and I had a date night out with Tara and Jacob at Cheesecake Factory.  It was so nice to have an evening out with grown-ups and no kiddos!
 He loved drinking some yummy hot chocolate!
 The swing. So peaceful. He is never quite ready to get out.

 Decorating for Fall
 That pumpkin is a perfect size to make a chair.
 All dressed to go to a Dress-up play date.
Mommy has a baby girl in her tummy.
Jack has french fries, ice cream, and goldfish in his tummy.
This year Jack is dressing as a lion for Halloween.  We had a play date at an Assisted Living home with our church friends.  We heard stories, sang songs, had a parade, and passed out candy to the residents.  It was the cutest thing ever...although Jack was not having a very happy and cooperative day. We still got this cute picture though.
 Saturday morning donuts.  I think this was Jacks first time to get his very own big donut with sprinkles.  He was in LOVE!
 Notice how he is only eating the top of the the donut with the icing and sprinkles?  There was not one sprinkle or speck of icing left uneaten.  He was sure to eat every last sprinkle that fell off onto the table.  The bottom of the donut he left though.  If there wasn't icing and sprinkles in it, he wasn't interested. Ha!
 Jack came to help vote for President after eating his donut.  As a result he got an "I Voted" sticker and a lollipop.  He was having a great, sugar filled day!
 Jack loves playing in the flower beds out front these days.  Plenty of leaves and dirt to play in I guess.
 Our little lion got to dress up in his costume again for our S.S. class Halloween party.
 All the kiddos.
See Jack? Back row on the far left.  He once again wasn't having a very happy day. I'm thinking it s that his allergies are bothering him. Who know!
 Barrett took part in the pumpkin carving contest. Yes, he has a tummy full of pizza, hamburger, ice cream, and fish.  We will have to get a more official family picture of us with our shirts on.
 Jack decorated his own little pumpkin.
 He also got to decorate a pumpkin sugar cookie with icing and sprinkles.
 Once again, loving that icing!
 He basically just licked all the icing and sprinkles off the cookie and left the cookie. Sounds very familiar to our trip to the donut store.  This kid loves sweets!
 The finished product of Barrett's pumpkin carving.
Such a cute face!
Barrett and his creation!
It has been a fun filled start to fall!

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