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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fun Days Around Here

There is really no theme for these pictures.  They are just random things I want to remember.
 We eat lunch at the Main Street Cafe at church most every Sunday afternoon.  It is always of course right at nap time.  This particular Sunday Jack just couldn't take it any longer and just put himself down for his own nap right there at the lunch table.
 Last weekend we went to see the play "Annie" at my sister Hannah's high school.  Staring in the the play was my niece Camryn (as an orphan) and Hannah (as Lilly).  It was a great show!  Annie is one of my very favorite musicals!
 Hannah and Cami after the show.
 Jack has been my laundry helper recently.  It is actually quite nice that he pulls all the clothes out from the dryer so I don't need to bend down as much to do it myself.
 So sweet!
 Here comes the challenging part...I need to carry the basket full of clothes AND Jack now.  It's worth it though.  He makes doing the laundry that much more exciting!
 Last Wednesday morning at Bible Study, the girls at my small group table surprised me with a baby shower basket full of goodies for Amelia.  It was such a fun surprise!
Right now Jack is all about pushing things around.  Most recent is his love of pushing this shopping cart basket around the house.   Not sure what it is that makes this so exciting for him, but I'm glad he is having fun!

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