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Friday, October 1, 2010

Texas State Fair 2010

We took a trip to the Texas State Fair this week. We decided to go on a weekday when the crowds were not as big. We saw online that if you go on Thursday, you can get in for FREE with a Cinemark movie ticket stub versus paying the $15 entry fee into the fair. Unfortunately we had thrown away all of our movie stubs. My sister was gracious enough to give us an old movie stub of hers but we still needed one more. Our idea was to just stop by the $1 movie theater to buy a cheap ticket (with no plans of watching the movie) then head off for a day at the fair. The one thing we didn't consider was that the theater wouldn't be open yet. So what do we do (or should I say my wonderful husband)???? Yes, he walked around the theater parking lot for about 5 minutes until he found a ticket stuck in the bushes! Ha! Is he good and creative or what??? So the cost of entering the fair = FREE!!! Big Tex
Here I am with baby Jack in my tummy in front of big tex - his first trip to the fair!

We ate lots of yummy food....a turkey leg
Barrett had chicken fried bacon
I had a funnel cake.

We visited the petting zoo too!
It was a fun day out!

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