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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jack's Nursery

We worked long and hard this past week getting Jack's nursery painted and all of his furniture put together. The color of the walls is called "asparagus" although I would say it turned out a bit brighter than any asparagus I have ever seen. The darker colored furniture helps tone down the bright walls some. I made these frames with his name to hang over his crib.
The Crib - my uncle was visiting this weekend and informed us that the baby may sleep a little better if we put a mattress in the crib. Ha! The mattress and bedding will be coming soon.

It took many hours of measuring and taping off these straight lines in the dormer window area to paint blue and green stripes, but the end result was well worth the work.
I found material several months ago that I fell in love with. So far I have made his curtains and his letters for his name out of the material. Eventually I will make some other things out of it - some pieces of his bedding, a throw pillow for the rocking chair, and who knows what else.
I found this poem that I LOVED online, so then painted it on a canvas to hang in Jack's room.

We got his crib at Target.
The wardrobe and dresser/changing table are from Ikea.
The rocking chair was given to us by Jack's Uncle Brantley and Aunt Melissa. It is so comfortable and will get a lot of use in the years to come!
We are in love with Jack's nursery. All the major parts of it are finished. Now all we need is the little guy!


  1. ohhhh tanya i love little jack's nursery! it is coming together beautifully! can't wait to see the bedding in it! real funny uncle! haha

  2. What an awesome job you have done!!!!!! I love the frames with his name. You have inspired me to get creative and try it!!! I just responded to your shower, I can't wait to see u!!! (: