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Monday, October 11, 2010

Biggest Catch Yet

Originally catch and keep was only for the month of August and September. Barrett said he had some great news for me the other day - catch and keep has been extended for the month of October! Of course I was thrilled....okay....not really. I do love the times sitting out by the lake in this beautiful weather, I just don't overly enjoy the bringing it home to fillet part. At least I'm not the one filleting all of these great finds. He always takes care of that. What I do LOVE is the enjoyment Barrett gets out of all these fish that he is catching! We have a freezer full of catfish ready for a fish fry - I'd say about 15 or so fish. This last catch of his was the biggest one yet - about 25 inches long and 4 pounds! When we got home after fishing, Java was curious of what was going on. She was sticking her head out from under the gate getting a look at the fish as it was ready to be cleaned.

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