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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clean Baby Boy Clothes

Today I did my first (of many) loads of cute little baby boy laundry. It is so much fun to see these tiny little things that Jack will be wearing once he arrives.
A basket of clean baby boy clothes! Some of my favorite outfits of Jack's so far....

Daddy's big sock in comparison to Jack's little sock. Isn't that amazing!
I ordered this "elf" hat for Jack off of etzy. It was made and shipped all the way from Dublin, Ireland. Be on the lookout for newborn pictures of a cute little guy in this hat in a few months.
More of my favorite hats
And just because - my belly at 28 weeks. Jack (and I) continue to grow. He is kicking all the time! I'm having so much fun getting ready for his arrival - just about 12 weeks away now!

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