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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Baby Boys Name Will Be....

We have had a first name picked out for our baby boy basically from the start. Actually, I have had his name picked out since I was about 10 years old. I think it was just this year I actually told Barrett my favorite names for a boy and a girl. All these years I had a fear that he wouldn't like them and my dream would be over for the names I had always loved. Finally I got up the nerve to tell him not too long before we found out we were expecting. Turns out I kept my names a secret for no reason at all. He loved them! We did still explore baby name books just to be sure on the perfect name, but in the end, we are naming our son the name I have always wanted for my little boy. His first name will be......

Jack is the name I have always loved! Those many years ago when I first started loving the name Jack it was more of an old fashion name that you didn't hear many little babies being named. Turns out it has become more and more popular in the recent years. That is okay with us though. We still love it!
The middle name took some time to explore and decide on but right now we are pretty positive his middle name will be Ryan - after his daddy's middle name. So, Jack Ryan it is!!!!!
Jack means "God is Gracious"
Ryan means "Little King"
In the picture is the name that will hang over his crib in his bedroom. I made them by cutting out each letter in fabric, placing them on background fabric and sticking them into picture frames. I will be adding blue ribbon to the back of the frames and will hang them on the wall by the ribbon.

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