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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Car seat, Crib, and Nursery

We have made some fun purchases and decisions in the past week or so in regards to baby stuff. Last weekend we did our first baby registry list at my favorite baby store - BuyBuy Baby! That was exciting and wore me out but we had LOTS of FUN! We also purchased an infant car seat! The stroller we got several months ago is not a travel system so doesn't have an automatic car seat that comes with it so we had to find the right fit for the stroller we have. We went back and forth on brands and color choices. We ended up with this grey and white Peg Perego infant car seat. We are told they are built really well and are very safe. I love it! Yesterday we registered at my other favorite store - Target! We had lots of fun with this store too. For the past few weeks I had been eyeing one of their cribs and it just so happened that it went on sale last week. Yay! So we made our next big purchase - the crib! This is a picture of it off the target website so no, this is not the bedding we will be using. The crib is still in the box here at home and probably will stay in that box for a few more weeks until we have the room painted...which brings me to my next topic....
The Nursery! When I first found out we were having a boy I thought I wanted to do something a little different for decorating the little guys room. My first thought was to do a room that looked like a log cabin with walls that looked like logs, an antler chandelier, etc. A couple weeks later I started thinking about it more and decided, no, instead I want it to look like a baby room for a baby boy. So with this thought I was picturing baby blue walls, white furniture, and just light colors. After being set on this idea for several more weeks and going out looking at furniture for the nursery, Barrett let me know that most likely a boy isn't going to really want white furniture while growing up (which I guess you do need to think about since many of the cribs these days are the kind that convert to full size beds down the road.) Now I had to change my mind set again and picture what kind of a nursery I really wanted for my little boy that could include a darker wood color of furniture. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love green and brown. I love wearing green and brown. Our house is decorated in a lot of green and brown. I just love that color combination. So naturally, what colors do you think I came up with to do the baby's room in? That's right, green and brown (with a touch of blue, too.) I found some fabric that I really love! Most likely I will be making curtains, and bedding of some kind out of this fabric. I also picked out these green and blue paint color cards. For now I am imagining doing the main part of the walls green. In that room we have a dormer window so I want to do blue and green strips in that small little window cove to add something fun to the room. The furniture will be a very dark brown color along with blue accents around the room such as a throw pillow or a lamp shade.

For now, this is my idea. I still have a couple more weeks before we actually buy the paint for the walls and all the fabric for the bedding and curtains. I really think I will stick to this idea this time. I love it! Now we just need to get started! Less than 4 months to go!

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