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Friday, March 19, 2010

Nails, Lunch, Shopping, and Girl Talk

Aaaaa...Spring Break!!!! I love it! One of the things I look forward to most when I have a day off is spending time with my big sister, Tara. These days are hard to come by. When her kiddos are off at school, I am working (at school.) When I am off from school, she is now "working" since all the kids are now home. But due to the kids spending some time with the grandparents, we were able to have a day out - just the girls!
We started the day off with a trip to the nail salon for PEDICURES!!!! Oh, how we were treated like princesses - hot bubbly water, massages, wax treatment, hot stones, the works! We left with beautiful toe nails and very smooth and happy feet! Next we went to Texas Land and Cattle for a very yummy lunch - my favorite, bread, salad, onion strings, steak, and potatoes. And you can't have a girl day without some shopping, which of course followed the yummy meal.
I am so happy and thankful for a fabulous big sister that is my very best girl friend. Life gets busy and it seems to get harder and harder to spend time together. But I am so happy to have someone that is always ready to talk (even if it is just on the phone or in a text), that encourages me along life's journeys, and that I can just have fun with!
After I got home I realized....I didn't take any pictures. :-( Oh well, I have the memory in my mind, and now this blog post to remind me of our fun day.

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  1. Awe ... I love you too!!!! That was so much fun!!!!