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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Have Been Chosen

You are chosen by God! 1 Peter 2:9-10 Okay, so who out there has seen the movie "Toy Story?" Most people have I'm sure (unless your name is Barrett.) In that movie there is a scene where the boy is in an arcade playing games and comes to one of those machines where you put in your quarter and have the chance of winning a prize by using "the claw" to pick up the prize. In most cases no one ever wins from these machines but kids still always want to try. Anyways, in the game with "the claw" are hundreds of these little aliens just waiting to be chosen. When the boy plays the game to win an alien, he actually grabs hold of this cute little green guy. Then the little green alien guy says to all his other little waiting friends "I have been chosen."
About a month ago I went to a woman's conference night at church along with my mom and sister. It was an incredible lesson for me being taught that night that has stuck with me even still today that I thought I would share (which will explain the picture and story above.) The speaker told the story of some of the background in her life - a son that was arrested and is having major struggles, parents that left this earth far too early, of a husband having major health issues. On the outside this woman looks to have it all together, but on the inside there are so many issues and struggles. She told the story of snuggling up on the couch with her hot chocolate by the fire side reading other families Christmas letters this past Christmas. She enjoyed reading of all that was going on in everyones families. Everyone elses lives just seemed to be going so perfectly, not a paper cut or anything to complain about. She became so very frustrated and asking the Lord...why, when I am trusting you, when I am being faithful, when I pray everyday, and am asking You for help, do I still have all these struggles, and then there are all these wonderful families around me that are doing the same exact thing as me,pray for help and you give it to them right away? Why me? After crying out to God, she heard the Lord saying to her, "because you are chosen. God chose you to be in this life that He has for you." Really, He chose me? On the inside at first there is that sarcastic comment of, well thanks a lot Lord for choosing me! I'm not sure this is something I wanted to be chosen for. But then I think, wow, He, the God of this universe, chose ME! He knows what I can handle. He knows exactly what I need and when I need it, even when it doesn't seem all clear to me. What a privilege to know that I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN! God is saying no right now because a bigger YES is coming.
After the conference on the way home, we were discussing this concept of being chosen. All of us in that car said that when she said "I have been chosen" it immediately gave us a picture in our heads of the little green alien in the toy story movie. A week or so later Tara gave me a very special gift - a little green alien. I know it seems like an odd little thing, but I have it sitting in my car so that during my 2 hour drive each day to and from work when my mind is always doing a lot of thinking, I see this little green guy and it reminds me that I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN by God and it puts a big smile on my face.

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