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Saturday, March 27, 2010

His 1st Week Back

Well, my handsome husband had his first week back at work. It was a little different because he was not here in Texas, but traveling in New York City and Philadelphia, PA for a week of training. He said it all went fabulous and that he loves it! He has already worked so hard and I know his new boss is already really impressed with him! But who wouldn't be impressed with someone as wonderful as my husband???? :-) Myself on the other hand didn't enjoy not having him at home here with me, (accept for the part of me getting to eat my yummy broccoli casserole that I never get to make because Barrett won't eat broccoli) but I am sooooo happy that he is able to work now...and that he is home now! This was a true answer to prayer. I was so happy! When he came home he brought me 2 boxes of Tastykakes and a soft pretzel from Wawa. WhooHoo!!!! Being originally from Philadelphia myself, these are 2 things that are hard to find here in Texas. I guess those notes sent and phone calls (hinting) about how wonderful tastykakes and soft pretzels from Wawa are worked!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ah ... dude ... you're so lucky! Those are amazing souvenirs! Way to go, Barrett! :)