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Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Portraits

We had a fabulous photographer come to our house and around our neighborhood with us to capture some pictures of our little family. We haven't had official portrait pictures taken of us since our engagement pictures over 4 years ago, so we were long overdue. Take a look at what our family looks like here in March of 2010. Porch swing - Tanya, Barrett, and Java the lap dog
On our porch
Can you picture us rocking on these rockers when we are old and grey?
Java did great looking at the camera (when I would hold her around the neck...)

Our Family

A cute little palm tree
Java was getting a little tired by this point. Her tongue is sticking out in the rest of these pictures.
Under the Weeping Willow
Pond in Savannah


  1. Great family pictures! Who was the fabulous photographer?

  2. Lovely pixes of all three of yous....including the gorgeous doggie named Java...I remember the song ''Java'' by Al Hirt from late Feb 1964. I was in Savannah GA on 3/23/70...loved it...This is James...a relative of Little Mabel Craig.