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Friday, March 19, 2010

Barrett's Sweepstake Winnings!

During the time that Barrett was without a job, he became interested in entering in sweepstakes. Who knew that there is a website devoted to listing hundreds of different sweepstakes that are going on for people to enter??? Somehow Barrett came across this site and began spending some time each day filling out forms. It has been paying off! Like this Dallas Stars game we went to last night. He won these tickets from a radio station contest. The Stars didn't end up winning, but we still had a great time.
My Sweepstakes Winning Boy
Go Stars!
Along with the Stars tickets he has won other things - a $100 gas gift card (he actually won a 2nd one, but when they found out he had already won he was disqualified), salsa, soap, tickets to a Texas Tornado's Hockey game, tickets to Texas Motor Speedway, gift card, along with some other things. This is just the beginning :-) We are hoping for some really big wins soon, like cash, a car, vacations, etc. It's not impossible. My family has a history of winning cars. My sister Tara won a brand new mini-van about 10 years ago and my sister in-law Sonya won a used SUV about 6 months ago. Keep looking for upcoming winnings!

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  1. i'd like to win a lifetime of mortagage payments :o)