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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frog Update

This morning Barrett went out in the garage first, just like he promised, to make sure that the frog was still in it's bucket where we left it. Barrett was peeking in the bucket, and after several seconds of him looking in the bucket I figured the coast was clear. I soon followed behind and took a look inside to see the frog. One problem though...the frog was missing! Quickly I ran into the house while saying, "Barrett, why didn't you tell me it was gone!" His reply, "I never said it was still in the bucket!" Thankfully within a few second, which seemed like forever, Barrett spotted the frog right behind his jeep ready to escape from the garage door once it opened. Barrett moved fast though and caught it again. Now it is safe and sound in a new contraption of a house in our garage...for yet another night. The proud frog catcher holding his new friend.
All stretched out it measures about 16 inches.

That is one gigantic frog! Look at the size of its toes!!!

Barrett, being the wonderful frog catcher that he is, caught another frog this evening (sitting on the big frogs back). This one is a more normal size frog. I guess he thought the big one would like a little friend (or maybe a nice meal.)

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