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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Java - All Cuddled Up

Well, Java has fallen in love with sleeping in our master bedroom closet. Every morning when I wake up, there she is, all cuddled up, sleeping. I find her snuggled up against an old shirt or two of Barrett's left by the laundry basket. Barrett says that she spends a majority of her day, once again, sleeping in the closet. Her big pillow bed was in her cage (which she doesn't sleep in anymore.) We decided it was time to break out the fluffy pillow and set it in her "bedroom" to snuggle up and enjoy while she takes all of her much needed naps - all night (and day) long...what it must be like to sleep all day!!!
She loves her new pillow in the closet! Look how cozy Java is.
Tossing and turning during her nap.

All rested and happy now!
Looking out the window enjoying the rain.

Tired...once again.

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