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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great State Fair of Texas

Today was a fantastic day to spend outdoors at the Texas State Fair! I took a day off of work and we took the dart train to fair park and spent the day together enjoying all the sights! Big Tex
Barrett eating a turkey leg. We also enjoyed an order of Chicken Fried Bacon - the winner of last years favorite fried food. This years favorite was fried butter, but we didn't try that...not brave enough.

Barrett in his new car - a Viper!!! We always love going to the car shows and dreaming...

A few sights at the petting zoo:
A baby camel drinking milk from its mother.
I had never seen this before - a 'Jacob 4 Horned Sheep'.

Cute pink little piglets.
*** I will say that we did go to the Vita-Mix demonstration once again, and walked away without buying that wonderful machine once again. I guess Barrett will have to use his ear plugs for the next few months since I will continue to talk about how wonderful it would be to have one. I'll just have to keep dreaming. :-)

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