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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tonight on a rainy ride home from choir, while driving by the pond in Savannah, a creature crawled across the street in front of us. We slowed down to get a closer look. It turned out to be what I think is the worlds largest frog!!! There was a car directly behind us so we couldn't slow down too much to get a good look at it. We made a u-turn and went back for a second glance, just to see if what we were seeing was real. Sure enough it really was a GIANT frog! Barrett went home, picked up a bucket, went back in the rain, and caught this amazing frog (all while trying to stay dry under the umbrella.) We brought it into the garage to spend some time looking at it - along with calling all the family in the neighborhood to come and see the prize winning frog.
Not a joke, this frog is about 8 inches long.

We looked it up online and it appears to be a bullfrog.

It is hard to grasp in a picture the enormity of this thing!

As of right now, this frog is still in a bucket out in our garage. Barrett plans on keeping it there until at least tomorrow. I just have one wish - for Barrett to walk out into the garage in the morning, first, before I go out to get in my car, to make sure that "Prince the Bullfrog" is still in his bucket and not hiding somewhere else in the garage to greet me good morning.

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