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How Old Is Amelia?

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Amelia is 7 Months Old

Our little Amelia Joy turned 7 months old on June 26th.  She is as precious as can be! She loves to smile and also bring a smile to everyone she is around.
I'm not sure of her exact weight, but I'd guess around 16-17 lbs.

 She is sitting up like a pro! She tried out sitting in the drivers seat of Daddy's jeep (not to drive, thank goodness. She is growing quickly, but not that quickly!)
 She started drinking water from her sippy cup.  Not a fan yet.  Its more like a good chew toy for now.
 TEETH!!!  Amelia got her 2 bottom teeth this month. They both came in within days of each other at the beginning of June. Not much longer and she will be eating corn on the cob!
 Amelia has been practicing eating her fruits and veggies this month. So far she has tried all of the main veggies and is working on her fruits now.  Oddly enough, she prefers the veggies over the fruits. Her favorites so far are green beans, peas & squash.  She wanted NOTHING to do with the peaches and bananas! She eats baby food 2 times a day, nurses first thing in the morning, and has four 6-8 oz bottles throughout the day.
 Sleeping beauty here is very unpredictable with her sleeping.  Earlier in the month she had done a little better during the night and would only wake up a time or two for her paci. Then she began not feeling well (congestion & teething) and started having trouble again. Naps are tricky too.  Often times it is a 30 minute nap here and there although this last week there were a few days she has taken a 2+ hour nap. 
Amelia is now on the go! She can scoot backwards, roll, and go from laying down to sitting up on her own.  She is really becoming more content now that she is able to move (somewhat) in the direction she wants to go.
 These 2 are best buds.  Jack loves playing with his sister.  Here he had asked if he could hold her. Precious!
 Amelia knows what she wants and if it doesn't go as she was planning, she gets this pitiful little face. She is a girl.  What can I say.
 But most of the time she is HAPPY and SMILING!!!
Love her! SO thankful that I get to spend every day with this baby girl.  She is my dream come true!

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