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Monday, July 8, 2013

Parade & Fireworks

This was our 3rd year to take part in the neighborhood 4th of July parade.  We look forward to it each year (minus the idea of being in the heat outside.)
 Our family of 4
 Amelia stayed cool in the shade along with a fan attached to her stroller.
 Each year we march with our friends Bob, Stef & Zach.  Bob is the creative one that plans for months on what the theme will be for our families and them works hard building the 'floats'. Barrett & I really do nothing other than show up a few minutes before the parade starts and march with the cool things he has created.
 Stefani & I in marching in our matching shirts
 Jack got to ride in this awesome battleship boat that was built on top of a jogging stroller.
 Zach got to ride on the aircraft carrier built on top of a wagon.
Aren't these amazing?!?!
This year we won 2nd place!
 Jack sure thought it was fun to ride in a boat.
 That evening we sat on our balcony and watched the neighborhood fireworks.
 Jack was not a big fan of the loud noise.  He stood behind our chairs asking to go "home" (into the house.)  But it didn't take long for me to get him calmed down and into my lap to watch the fireworks.
 Amelia sat with Daddy and was asleep within minutes.
 So fun to be sitting on our own balcony and get to watch the fireworks with our little family.
I love these memories.

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