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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Day at the Museum

Barrett took the week off from work this week. Instead of going on a vacation out of town we chose to do some fun things around town that we wouldn't normally do.  Monday morning we drove downtown and went to the Perot Science Museum.
 When you touch the wall, it lights up.
 They had a great children's area at the museum. Jack had fun with these play activities...
...Talking on the phone,
 shopping & sorting vegetables at the farmers market,
 looking at a snake,
 being a construction worker,
 and playing at the water table.
 Amelia played at it too.
 Even Daddy thought it was pretty cool.
 Amelia loved seeing her reflection in the mirror.
 Then we moved on to the big people section...dinosaurs!
 The hubs and I.
 Checking out the animals with daddy
 We took a lunch break and went across the street for some mexican food at El Fenix. Yummo!
 Amelia finally decided to fall asleep once we were half way through our meal.
 We went back for another quick run through the rest of the museum. Look what we found. One of Jack's favorite things...a helicopter!
We wore these kiddos out...and ourselves! It was a fun day at the museum!  As always it is an adjustment going places with a toddler and baby.  You may not will not be able to read all about every thing at the museum (not that I was ever much of a sign reader at museums anyways.)  Its just more of a "hey, look at that cool looking thing over there" and then move on to the next cool looking thing to keep the 2 year olds attention type scenario.  But you know what? I'm okay with that right now.  We are getting out, exploring, and seeing new things with our little ones. It will be a blink of an eye and our babies will be all grown up. :-(  I'm taking in this fun time with them while I have it!

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