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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Outdoors

We spent the day after Thanksgiving putting up our Christmas decorations outside!  Totally didn't plan on being able to do this so early on in the season.  I really thought Amelia would have arrived by now and we would be busy taking care of a newborn.  But we took advantage of the extra time with her in my belly and went ahead to decorate!
 Santa came to help decorate!  This Santa coat was from last year and really doesn't fit him at all, but I couldn't resist!
 He looks like a cute, chubby cheek, little elf! Love him!!!!
 Hanging the lights and garland on the balcony
 On our way to do the downstairs decorations

 A quick costume change and back to work! He thought he would spend the rest of our decorating time sweeping the sidewalks.
 Wrapping the pillars with lights (I'm now 2 days past my due date at this point)
 Sweeping the flower beds now...

 ...and the leaves
Hmmm....just realized I didn't get a picture of the finished product. I'll say it looks really beautiful! Stay tuned for a picture. :-)

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