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Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Maternity Pictures

Today we took some more maternity pictures (at 38.5 weeks), but this time with the big brother Jack!  He was not overly excited to have to take pictures versus just being able to play while outside (but what else can you expect from a busy 22 month old little boy.)
 Our Family

 And here are some cute pictures of the big brother!

Amelia's due date is 10 days away!  We are so ready for her to join our family.  I am feeling great right now! I almost wish I was feeling something so I could at least feel like she was close to coming, but I don't yet. But either way it could be any day...especially considering that Jack was already here by this point, joining us 11 days early.  Until she gets here we will just enjoy these calmer days and nights with the ability to sleep straight through the night (not counting the many trips to the bathroom), but we are so ready and excited for that wonderful day when we get to meet our baby girl face to face!!!!

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