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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

Jack had his first experience taking a trip to the Christmas tree farm we go to each year (otherwise known as Lowe's) to pick out the perfect tree for our house this year. It was the coldest I remember it ever being while picking out a Christmas tree. It was perfect though. Jack was able to wear his Santa coat and snuggle up in his warm Christmas blanket!
The boys with our tree!

I think he was happy that we finally decided on a tree so he could get out of the cold!

It is always so exciting to get home and see that the tree is still on the roof of our car! Barrett does a great job making sure it is tied on well each year.

Jack helped unload all the lights and ornaments from the boxes.

He loved checking out the lights (not sure why this picture is posting sideways. Sorry!)

Putting lights on the tree

The star

Every year we put glass balls on our tree. We knew that wouldn't work out too well this year with the little guy crawling around. So after Christmas last year we bought some plastic balls on clearance to replace our glass balls. Good thing we did!

We have a few balls without hooks on them that we keep off the tree for Jack to play with, hoping that they will distract him from trying to take the others off the tree. For the most part it has gone fairly well. He still is interested in some of the ornaments on the tree, but overall it hasn't been too big of an issue. I love Christmas time!!!!

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