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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

11 Months Old

Jack turned 11 months old on November 26th. Is my baby boy really going to be turning 1 in less than a month??? How is that even possible???? Our little guy is still as cute as can be with his big blue eyes and head full of brown hair. I had been spiking his hair up after bath time so he could have a cute little curl on the top of his head, but just in the last couple weeks his hair has gotten too long and will no longer keep its little curl.
It is becoming more and more of a challenge taking these weekly/monthly pictures of Jack. All he wants to do is play with the sign or just crawl away. Silly boy!

Jack sleeps in his crib at night normally 9 or 10 hours straight. It used to be where we could just lay him down and he would just roll over and put himself to sleep. But not this month. He has decided that he now wants to sit up or stand up in his bed once it is time to go to sleep. Often now I rock him to sleep then lay him down. I enjoy that extra time to snuggle. He normally takes 2 naps a day - morning and afternoon - 1 - 2 1/2 hours each.

Jack is wearing mostly size 9 and 12 month clothes and is in size 3 diapers. Jack is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything. While we get ready in the morning he crawls around in our bathroom. Here he had crawled into our closet, onto Java's bed, and was enjoying a view out the window.

Here you can still see that curl on the top of his head. Jack will put anything and everything into his mouth. We cannot keep the floor clean enough. We look away for one second and he finds something new to munch on. My, oh my! He keeps us busy!

Love that big smile!

Jack cruises (walks while holding on) along the furniture. He has gotten quite fast too! It won't be long and he is going to let go and be walking on his own.

He found his cabinet full of the plastic containers to play with.

Here Jack is enjoying his first burger from Wendy's. Jack LOVES eating these days. He eats mostly whatever we are eating cut up into little pieces. He still has some baby food too. I nurse him or give him a pumped bottle about every 4 hours. Since eating so much table food he is not drinking as much milk.

We are so in love with this little man!

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